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Book Locket necklace in brass: ornate, antiqued, brass-plated book locket on vintage-style chain


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Alicorn earrings: handmade, clear glass unicorn horns on antiqued-brass coloured hooks


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Marguerite earrings in dark grey: Swarovski pearls on gunmetal coloured ear-wires – elegant and vintage-inspired


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Silver Feather earrings: antiqued-silver feather charms on gunmetal black hooks


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Silent Key necklace: vintage reproduction key pendant with crystal on gunmetal-black chain


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Sea Opal earrings: moon-like glass ovals on long black ear-wires


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Welcome to Silverlight Jewellery on Zibbet. Here you will find genteelly gothic and vintage-inspired jewellery for those who are elegantly dark and a little old-fashioned.